Starship Ventures

Preparing for launch early 2021. Starship Ventures invests in Deep Tech companies solving humanity’s grand challenges of the 21st century.

Brief Q&A with General Partner, Sean Hoge

What is the Starship Ventures mission? I’m fascinated by the sense of ambition and wonder during the Space Race / Atomic Era in the United States. People believed so much in the future at that time, dreaming of traveling to the stars.

What happened? So much subsequent “innovation” has been marginal and linear rather than paradigmatic or exponential. I am determined to discover, empower, and invest in the contrarians, who will bring into reality dream technologies that many readily dismiss as science fiction.

What do you look for in founders? Vision, Speed, Ambition, Infinite Adaptability. My advice to someone starting out: I encourage people to realistically evaluate and understand what they are good at. If you don’t know yet, just do a lot of stuff. Code, learn a design tool, produce music - whatever. Experiences will challenge and force you to grow as a person. Over time you will figure out where you excel and love to learn. Once you figure that out, pursue it relentlessly.

What are you reading right now? Algorithms to live by, innovator’s dilemma, the decadent society

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